Achievements for GM:Studio

Local Achievements for GameMaker:Studio  

  • You need achievements in your games?
  • You want them added and dealt with easily?
  • Support for an arbitrary number of achievements and players?
  • You want automatic loading and saving of your achievements?
  • Even cross platform?
  • Without online connections or setting up a server and a database?
  • Thinking about adding more achievements with each new update of your games without corrupting existing ones?
Look no further, you've found the solution right here!

My GameMaker:Studio asset enables all the above mentioned things!

What you'll get:
  • Cross platform functionality (tested on Windows, Android, HTML5, should work on all other platforms too)
  • Local storage (no online connection required, no databases needed)
  • Arbitrary number of achievements (names must be unique)
  • Three different types of achievements to cover all your potential requirements
  • Each achievement can have it's individual sprite assigned for visual representation
  • Support for multiple players with their own set of achievements they've met
  • Support for adding achievements later on without affecting existing ones and their player values
  • Included 6 page documentation explaining implementation details and proper usage
  • Documented code
  • Everything packed in groups (RAGAchievements) so that you can add/update/remove the asset easily

Below you find the HTML5 demo to give it a try!

Get it on the YoYoGames Marketplace!

You can buy the asset on the YoYoGames Marketplace and install it to your GameMaker:Studio product.

Just click on the button below to get to my asset page on the YoYoGames Marketplace!

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HTML5 demo of the Right Angle Games Achievements