Right Angle Games is the name for my games and my website. And Right Angle Games is pretty much just me, Thomas (Tommy) Haaks.

While looking for a name to put in front of my bedroom coder games I discovered that my last name "Haaks" means "right angle" in dutch. I liked that and so the name of my virtual game studio was born.

Another option "Tomahawk Games" or "Tomahawks Games" (you know: Thomas Haaks -> Tomahawks... got it?) was already taken so I kept "Right Angle Games".

Below is my personal profile - just in case you plan to offer me a job with an incredible amount of money :LOL:

Profile of Thomas Haaks

NameThomas (Tommy) Haaks
LocationElmshorn, Germany
EducationLots (Master degree in Computer Science and more than 30 years of job experience)
Employment statusFull time, team leader of a Java delopment team 
Job experienceIT project management, software design/engineering, agile software development, OOA and OOD, Java, JavaEE, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Web services, Ant, Maven, Eclipse, Subversion, CVS, Smalltalk, C++, C, XML, UML and much more
AgePretty old ;-)
Marital statusMarried (and still in love)
LanguagesGerman, English
InterestsGame programming, Magic, drums, keyboard/piano, my family, music, board games and Magic the Gathering CCG