They Come - Save your galaxy in 15 minutes or less!

They Come! is a turn-based sci-fi strategy game currently available on Windows and Android.

Your mission is to explore the sectors of your galaxy, defend the alien onslaught in each sector and discover parts of an ancient device you'll need to save our galaxy.

Of course 80 turns for each sector should be enough, right?!

Accept the mission, assemble the device to close all vortexes and annihilate those aliens!

The game features

  • 4 difficulty settings,
  • 3 game lengths,
  • a builtin tutorial,
  • ship upgrades to choose from,
  • highscores,
  • achievements
  • and procedurally generated scenarios for endless replayability!


Buy here!

You can buy this game instantly by clicking the Buy Now button below or you can download a demo on the game's page .

And you can get the game in the Google Play Store and play it on your favorite mobile device wherever you are!

They Come! on Android

Play through video

Below you'll find a play through video where I show you every part of the game in a short 12 minute game play.

As you can see the game can be won on "short & easy" settings in less than 15 minutes (so the slogan is true!).